Designs for beauty and function

      A great design starts with the desire to find the perfect fusion of both aesthetic beauty as well as maximizing functionality for the user. It combines characteristics of the particular design genre as well as having a personal touch reflecting an individual's unique character. 

      You will have your own dedicated designer and project manager to assist you through the entire project from design through completion at no cost to you. They will assist in identifying the look/style that you are looking for. They will then guide you in creating a concept that goes with that style. You and your designer will have in-person design meetings to refine your design and make material selections with you. This way we can simplify the material selection part of the project as we educate you on the different options so that you can make the best decision for your home. 


      Often times you see renovations that are very bland and very unoriginal. We take great pride in making sure that each and every renovation that we do looks original and unique and sure to wow.  A renovation coupled with a good sense of design flare  will look far better and will even look more high end and elegant like what you would see on social media and home reno TV shows.